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By Valiur Rahaman (he/his/him)

Valiur Rahaman (MA UGC-NET, Ph.D.) After serving Central University of Rajasthan, Dr Rahaman joined as Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities (English), at Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior-India. He taught Critical Theory & Literary Analysis, Human Communication & Social Media, and Digital Humanities for a decade.

He contributed to Digital Education Initiatives in India known as the ePG Pathsala, a Ministry of Human Resource Development project for writing the five modules in Literary Criticism (English).

His well-received books include Astitvrasa: Aesthetics of Interrogation (2017), Acts of Literary Theory (2017), Introducing Digital Humanities (2016), Interpretation: Essays in Literary Theory (2011) and Liminality, Mimicry, Hybridity and Ambivalent in Literary Speculations of Homi K. Bhabha (2010). He has delivered more than 50 expert lectures at various institutes of Higher Education in India.
He is the founding president of the Indian Society of Digital Humanities. Developed Humanities Inspired Technology for Society Lab ( Recently, engaged in the NPIU (a Unit of MHRD-India), under the TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme, sanctioned a research project titled “Cognitive Literary Studies for the Progress of Computational Cognitive Modeling: A Humanities Inspired Approach to Technological Advances”. As principal investigator of the project, he leads to establish Humanities Inspired Computation as an experimental theory of knowledge in the field of Advance Humanities.

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